Lost a new chick today...


9 Years
Mar 6, 2010
Greenfield, Indiana
I am new to raising chickens and just got 3 EEs and 3 BA from MPC two days ago. One of my EE's was not very active and her stance was very wide (almost bowlegged). She slept alot and didnt move and play like the others. She died today and we noticed some yellow poop. Any ideas as to what happened?


11 Years
Mar 5, 2010
Hurdle Mills, NC
I am new to this too, but I will go ahead and share what I noticed with you. Hopefully someone with more experience will chime in. Did your chick eat at all?

When my new babies came, their poop was all yellow until they started eating their chick crumbles, then it got normal. I may be waaay off here but I assumed that was because up until they hatched they had been feeding on egg yolk.

I'm so sorry you lost one! Make sure they are all eating and drinking and that the temperature is correct.
I had two weak ones who I had to seperate and dip their beaks in sugar water and give all sorts of special attention to before they got up and going. I'm happy to say they are in the brood box with the others now!

Apparently, failure to thrive is a common cause of chick death. If any other babies start acting that way, search all the old threads for "weak chick"

So sorry for your loss!

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