Lost a pullet to respiratory disease

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    Oct 29, 2014
    Well, two weeks in and I've lost my first pullet...Autumn was a Welsummer who developed a bit of a sneeze about a week ago. I didn't think too much of it seeing as it didn't seem to be getting any worse and then yesterday I noticed her nostrils were quite clogged with mucous that had a bit of a foul odour to it.
    This morning she was listless and wasn't able to hold her head up for long. I took her to the vet and he confirmed a respiratory disease which is likely going to spread through the flock. Unfortunately, he had to put her down and I've now been given a course of antibiotics to give the remaining pullets for 2 weeks - water soluble doxycycline...
    His advice was that if any others show signs of sneezing, I am to separate them from the group asap. With any luck, it's just bacterial and it will not affect any others.
    The vet also told me that they advise never to consume the eggs but given this is the reason we have the chooks, I'm going to assume that once they start laying in a couple of months time, the residual affects of the drugs should have passed out of their system enough that they are safe to eat. None of the family are allergic to penicillin or anything so we shouldn't have any reactions if there is a minute amount of it in their eggs.
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    If it were me (and it was a few weeks ago) I would not medicate any unless they show signs of illness. Then if your other chickens do show signs, have one of them tested to see what it is before deciding on a medication. Antibiotics are all different and it is surprising your vet did not send a blood sample to a lab to confirm what illness it was. Coryza is susceptible to sulfa drugs, whereas MG (CRD) is not. Jefferspet.com has lots of antibiotics available and tells you what it treats. Your vet is right about isolating the sick ones. However, he should have sent your dead bird for necropsy - in some states they do this for no charge (other than shipping). Then you would know for sure what illness you have.

    In my flock, we had the sneezing, etc. and I took some to have tested. They tested pos for MG and IB, neg for Coryza. I got the rx for them, but I haven't given them any, they are getting better on their own. I did cull the weakest one in the flock. Hope yours don't have any more issues!
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    Baytril can also be used for many infections, but always best to have a vet recommend it. [​IMG]

    Places to buy it:

    Read this about using it:

    Dose I use is 0.09ml per pound by mouth or injection for no more than 5 days.


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