Lost a rooster this morning :(


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Jan 19, 2012
Hi guys...I'm new to the forums, and unfortunately, my first post is a rather gloomy one.

I began my backyard poultry experience about 6 months ago, when I purchased 4 hens and a rooster (supposedly marans, but they are obviously of mixed breeds). I was also given a couple of farmhouse chicks that we raised, but due to issues with CRD, a friend of ours adopted them so that they could free range on his property and not infect our other chickens.

Last month, I decided to expand our group, and purchased a trio of Black Copper Marans. The rooster was 2 years old...a year older than my current rooster. I introduced them to the coop in the middle of the night, as recommended by a friend. Once I got him in, he did a little clucking and woke up the younger rooster. After a little sprawl, the other rooster quickly established dominance, and made himself home in the coop.

I got up at sunrise the next morning to check on the younger rooster, concerned for his well-being. To my surprise, he was strutting around the pen, happy as can be. I didn't see the older rooster. When I made my way around to the coop, I found the older rooster hanging from his right spur from one of the nesting boxes. Best I could tell, he got hung up scrapping with the young lad and once he was disabled, the other rooster took crude advantage of the situation. He was bleeding a little from his comb, and had been pecked pretty badly, but not bloody from the pecking.

When I got him down from the nesting box, he stumbled around a little bit and couldn't seem to find his balance. I put a divider down the middle of the pen so that I could separate him from the rest of the bunch. I sprayed his comb with some BluKote and kept an eye on him for the next several days. An injury to his eyelid caused his lid to stick together, so we dampened it with a sponge, peeled it open, and dosed him with antibiotics over the next couple of days to prevent infection. After a week or so, his eye looked much better and his comb had healed nicely, but he never seemed sturdy on his feet. Even slight pressure on his back would cause him to nearly collapse. He ate and drank well, and seemed to be getting around a little better.

When I woke up this morning, he was dead, and he hadn't touched his food from the previous night. I never saw a sharp decline in health...just the opposite...we saw improvement. My reason for posting here is to find out if there was something else that we should have done or done differently, or if there are warning signs to look for that tells us he's near the end.



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Mar 26, 2011
Upper Peninsula Michigan
Sounds like he may have had a back injury.

Introducing roosters can be very tricky, some roosters are very aggressive toward other roos and will attack until one is killed. When I intruduce new birds into a flock I pen them inside the coop first for several days, so that they all get a chance to see, smell and be around each other for a while. New roos probably be watched pretty closely for the first few days.

Sometimes you just get unlucky. Sorry it didn't work out better for you.


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Mar 14, 2011
Maybe an internal injury that slowly bled-out... Poor baby.. poor you! Sorry for your loss...

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