Lost another one, opinons please, will add pics tonight


8 Years
Jan 26, 2011
Well I went out of town Friday and came back last night to find one of my 14 week old RIR’s dead on the floor. Something had gotten into the coop and taken half of the feathers off her back and left it there. It is an A frame coop sealed with chicken wire so Im 99% it cant be a coyote but possibly a fox. Im going to put a trail camera out tonight with some raw chicken and see what all comes to it. does anyone know what would attack one of these and just remove feathers from its back and leave it?
What first comes to mind is a rat but, really, it could be almost anything. Chicken wire will not keep anything out, it only serves to keep your chickens in one place.
it was laying in the middle of the coop where nothing could reach it and there were a good amount of feathers missing. Ill have a trap out tonight.

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