Lost another Polish, that's 2 for 2

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  1. KristyAz

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    Jan 29, 2011
    Mishawaka, Indiana
    My 2nd polish was dead this morning. the first was a few months ago, before I got this polish. The 1st one that died was just dead, no sickness that i know of. The one today, She was only a couple months old and had an infected eye. I was trying to take care of it, but she was dead this morning. I love Polish chickens, so cute, but I just don't have any luck with them I guess. Kinda sad about it. This little girl I got as a day old and she was a sweety.


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  2. NYRIR

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    May 13, 2010
    So sorry...hope you find out what it was [​IMG]
  3. chickenzoo

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    Sorry about your Polish. The infected eye is often a sign of a respiratory illness in chickens. It can stay dormant for a long time in different conditions pending on the illness. It often can be passed from bird to bird through dander, saliva, mucus etc..., so this could explain your problem, or it could just be a fluke accident. Hard to say. Polish can be a bit fragile until a certain age... I often cut back their topknot feathers until they are much older, so they can see better. [​IMG]

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