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    I got an old Road Island red hen from my neighbor. I have only had her for four days now, and She is molting right now. I thought my coop and run were very secure but I guess not because she has completely disappeared from the coop. This is the first time she has left the coop. And she hasnt free ranged yet. What should I do? Do you think she'll come back later?
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    I would search between any objects, under anything that may have overturned, and any high roosts in your coop for her. I'm sure you are in the midst of a snow storm today as we are, and it would bad for her to be outside in the snow. Look underneath your coop also if there is room under it. Let us know if you find her. Place some food outside undercover for her in case she shows up in the morning.
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    I suspect that unless a dog or coyote has carried her off, she will not have gone very far from where she escaped. I'd put down a hand full of mixed scratch here and there and just keep an eye pealed for her.

    Good luck getting her back!!

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