Lost hen -- nope just broody


13 Years
Jan 15, 2007
Garden Valley, ca
My grand daughter has been looking for her cochin hen for over a week. She couldn't figure out where it had gone or if something had gotten it. Well she found out today as she was colecting the eggs and feeding. Normally she can pick it up, actually the hen jumps up on her until she picks it up. Not today the hen did it's best to hid from her. Julie followed her though the manzanita brush and into a blackberry patch. There she saw the hen sitting. When she picked the hen up, the hen pecked her and raised cane. Julie counted the eggs has quickly as she could before putting the hen back. Seventeen eggs. Now they can't all be hers, for she for she has only been hiding for maybe nine days at the most. So we think she had some help. So in a couple of weeks we will know the out come. To bad she wasn't in with a cochin roo, she only had a barred rock roo. What a combation, this whole group is a mix match of hens with this roo.


the bird is the word
11 Years
Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
That's like my babies. I have an araucana bantam hen, a standard cochin hen, a dutch bantam hen, and one that I'm not sure of the breed, but it is some kind of bantam as well. My only roo is a dutch bantam. We have one mixed up bunch of baby chicks!! Some are blue, some are blue splash, some are blue with red heads, and a few are black and white. But they are all adorable!!

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