Lost keets


7 Years
May 19, 2012
I am a new keet owner and they all seem to be doing well...very chirpy and active! We have been keeping the keets in the guest room and last night I heard one giving off their unique "alert" sound. I went to check on them and it seemed that the loud one had somehow gotten out and was running around the guest room. I captured him and put him back.

Today this has happened a few more times....always just one escaping and me hearing the sound and then going to retrieve him and put him back.

This evening I went to check on the keets and THREE are missing! I searched the room and they were nowhere to be found. The only thing I can think of is that they squeezed in the small crack under the door (about an inch). So I looked throughout the house, but my concern is that my husband was outside doing some gardening at the time and had left the door cracked open as he was going in and out. I fear the keets may have escaped into the yard.

I searched for them for quite awhile to no avail. I was hoping to hear the alert sound, but maybe they aren't doing it because three of them are together?!?!? Any ideas on how to find them? :(
Oh my...I love these crazy keets! I searched the room again and the three that escaped are hiding behind the box. I didn't see them there before because they were silent and sleeping. I have been looking for them for two hours!

I'm so happy now! I was getting so sad that I had lost them!

Now I'm wondering if their box is too hot and that is why they keep trying to get out or if they are just escape artists having a good time! haha
Yay! glad you found them, better put a cover on the brooder

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