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  1. OLTMR123

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    Jan 25, 2014
    We came home from work the other night and our Maggie had died :( She had what appeared to be vent gleet a few mths back but was doing so much better until about a week ago. It rained a lot wether that had ANYTHING to do with it or not she had the symptoms again. I was to be off for the week and had planned on bringing her in the bathroom and baby/nurse her again starting the next day.We are heartsick about it. She hadn't been dead very long.She was such a good chicken.My Maggie.We have two other chickens a rooster and a hen.Maggie was the one I cared about.I don't know wether to get rid of the ones we have or get another chicken. I don't think she can be replaced.I think she was a black sex link and until she got that vent gleet she was really such a good egg layer. And she always made a chirping sound that was really cute and sweet like she was saying," popup,.popup..She would get on a chair outside our backdoor and always look in waiting for some snack, and to see what was going on inside.She would walk right in the house if we let her!.It's odd to get so attached to a chicken that didn't want you to hold it etc." I think I'm done with chickens. My Maggie rest in peace.
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    Apr 6, 2014
    Melrose Park Illinois
    For maggies sake, cherish the 2 remaining chickens you have. If you have children you should LOVE THEM EQUALLY. As to sex link chickens, they are excellent layers but check and you will learn that all that overtime laying eggs translates to short life. Love the remaining ones you have and get another maggie soon. I FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL. [​IMG]

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