lost middle toe nail?

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  1. Kwalz07

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    Jan 14, 2014
    Good morning,
    I'm new with raising chickens as my oldest chickens are 5 months old. This morning I noticed my roosters toe nail is missing? Not sure what happened! He seems to be walking fine..eating, drinking..seems a Lil off balance with on and off the perches. I washed it off and put triple abx on it bc idk what else to do yet. Can someone help me figure this out and what I should do to help him?? [​IMG]
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    You're probably doing it already.
    I think he'll be fine. Just watch for infection. Check if one foot is warmer than the other. Otherwise I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    He may have gotten the toenail stuck in some fencing and torn it off. My hen did that last year, and her toe was sore for a couple of weeks, but the nail did not grow back. You could do some warm soaks on his feet--epsom salts is good and soothing-while you are watching TV. Apply some Neosporin or Triple Antibiotic ointment on the toe, even applying a bandaid to keep it clean. It looks like there may be a little dead tissue on the end. It's also possible that the tip got frostbitten.
  4. Kwalz07

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    Jan 14, 2014
    Yea I was wondering same thing. Would be possible as we just got > 25 inches of snow last week. I shoveled out the coop and put fresh hay down. I'll def try those warm soaks. I cleaned it this morning n put the triple antibiotics on also. I'll try this again later n put a bandaid on also. Ty guys! Had me so worried and feeling very bad. I looked at other chickens feet and all are fine.

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