Lost my 9 week old Salmon Faverolle :(


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Aug 28, 2008
New England.. the cold part.
I got 2 salmon faverolles from Ideal 9 weeks ago. They were both really strange birds, but I just figured that was how they were supposed to be. Anyway, one was standard (lots of toes, furry legs etc.) and one wasn't. The wasn't one was super small, like 1/2 the size of the bigger one. but the bigger one was SO skinny, and fluffy, looked huge, but didn't weigh a thing. Had ample opportunity to eat, wasn't crowded out... anyway past few days was walking around with her wings hanging down, and SUPER puffed up. last night she was sleeping with my broody hen, who had tucked her under a wing, (i thought it was SO cute!).. anyway, this morning broody was off her nest, and poor chick was dead. I am heartbroken, and feel so bad! I really wanted Salmon Faverolles, and now I'm down to only one, and it isn't even CLOSE to standards. and the sick one was always coming up to me and standing by my feet. I'm sad.

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Jun 17, 2009
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So sorry.
Try looking for a breeder instead of a hatcheries. You will get higher quality birds that way. Check the breeds section here on BYC.
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