Lost my best steer calf.


8 Years
Jul 20, 2011
Don't ask me how it has been two days and i still cant find where he got out. we have 2 pastures and i keep the cattle in the back pasture away from the road. But he got out at around 9pm and was hit and killed in the road. Are home owners is going to pay for him and to fix the Ladies truck. I thank God the lady was not hurt she was just shaken and crying about killing the calf.
He was 6 months old and 600+lbs. I wanted to keep him and raise him for freezer next year. He was on the way of passing up his older brother In the picture below.

Hate to hear that he was a nice looking fellow! With critters I find if it can go wrong at some point it will. Cows not so much as horses (that's our headache) lol Glad the women was understanding, not sure how the laws are where you live, but a guy that sales tack at sales around here had two horses get out and a lady hit them. Can't remember if the horses died or was ok, but anyhows she wasn't hurt but the car was damaged pretty bad. She sued him for all she could, last account I had they were still battling it out. Any time our horses get out, and that's any time they get a chance we freak! Our backside of our property is a hay Field connected to our pasture. To get to the hay Field you can go through the pasture from our house or theres a service road in between the INTERSTATE and the hay field.. wouldn't be too good if they got out in the interstate at all!! Cows have gotten out a few times but they just decided to hang out in the alfalfa field stuffing themselves lol
I'm sorry. :(
Pamperedpoultry. that is always one of my biggest worries is my cattle getting out and getting hit. Its not the cost of the stock but i worry it could kill some one. If one of the adult cows had been out and got hit it could of been a lot worse. Or if it had been one of the many kids and their low-rider mini hot rod cars that fly up and down the road at all hours i'm sure it could of been real bad.
Sorry to hear about your calf. I am glad no one got hurt.

I am not sure how the laws work where you are from, but here in Texas the person who hits the animal is actually liable and would be responsible for paying for the animal as long as it is not on a major highway. There are often cattle out down our road it can be especially scary to come up on a black cow in the dark. We just have to use extreme caution in areas that we know cattle could possibly be out roaming. There are way too many people that drive much too fast down our road both day and night. I am less concerned with them hitting someone's livestock than one of the kids that live on the road and play outside. I wish we could get our county to do something about the speeding, but unless someone gets hurt it is unlikely which is a real shame.
Where we are is not open range. next county over is open range you hit a cow over there and you just bought it. It is posted when you cross the county line ( Now entering open range land, live stock on road way) . I'm not going to worry about the legal end of this. If she wants to sue she can take that up with the home owners insurance, That's what we pay them for.
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Your steer might have jumped the fence, maybe that's why you can't find where he got out. I mused outloud one time that I always wanted a Longhorn and 3 weeks later my DH gave me one! (I learned to watch what I wished for!)
That Longhorn could leap the fence like a deer. I was always chasing him up and down the road, the Sherrif's department had me on speed dial, I got to know the dispatchers, and I found out I really didn't want a Longhorn..........one cold rainy winter night on the SECOND call out by the Sherrif's department, I blew up. I called a friend and made him a deal. Longhorn found a new home. Longhorn jumped fence at new home and went down the road and bred a neighbor's registered Angus herd. There was durn near a range war.........

I have had a herford that jumped fences also. I have seen Brahamas jump fences that would make a show jumper horse envious. Cattle are just notional...who knows what they are thinking ???

I am sorry your steer was killed, but glad the lady was not injured. You got lucky on that one.
Yep I am thinking he some how got over the fence. I wonder if the Bull had any thing to do with it. I have seen him toss the other calves in the air and into the fence when they get to close to him. The calves kind of panic when they get caught in the corner by the bull. I have seen them run into the fence to avoid him.

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