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May 1, 2020
Hi friends,

I lost my rooster today. I’m a first-time chicken owner and have only had my chickens for a couple months. I usually let my chickens free range in the back yard during the day and spend the night in the coop. Today I noticed our fence gate was left open (accidentally by my husband) and when I went back there my girls ran up to me as usual, but my boy was nowhere in sight. At this point I was still hopeful, so my first thought was that maybe he wandered out through the open gate. So I walked around the houses near mine and looked around. I thought it was strange that he’d be away from the girls, and started to assume the worst. I went into the back yard again and looked around. And then I found him, half eaten, laying there in the grass.

I know that loss is just a part of owning chickens, especially if you let them free-range, but it was such a shock to see him there like that, as I was just feeding him and petting him this morning.

I’m not entirely certain what got him. Could have been a hawk, but I have a feeling something wandered in through the open gate and attacked him. Since the girls are ok, I‘d like to think he died protecting them while they ran to safety. Anyway, I just wanted to share with someone who understands.

Here’s a picture of my beautiful boy, Spock, taken a couple weeks ago. He had grown even bigger, more beautiful, more colorful, and more rooster-y since that picture was taken. He was a friendly fella. Rest in peace, sweet chicka-baby.
I’m so so sorry. My chickens free range too, and I had to learn the ‘don’t forget to close the gate’ lesson the hard way. Lost one of my silkie hens last year because the gate wasn’t shut and she wandered into the ducks’ pond at night and drowned. I always check both gates now and do a head count before I close their coop door.
I really am sorry about your little rooster, I couldn’t imagine losing mine. I am so attached to my chickens.
I’m glad the rest of your flock is safe :hugs

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