Lost my Easter Egger rooster to a coyote

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    About 2 1/2 weeks ago, I lost my Easter Egger rooster. Although I didn't see what took it, I know it was a coyote because we have seen coyotes on 2 different occasions come right into the yard from the cornfield and chase them. I have lost 5 hens in the past year and a half and this time unfortunately it was my rooster. But I know that is the price you pay to allow them to free range during the day. This is my dilemma.......my hens haven't laid an egg since that day. Just wondered if anyone has experienced losing a rooster and their hens quit laying. They are not going through a moult and even if they were, there would be an occasional egg from each one of them. I am almost betting that the coyote was chasing a hen first and the rooster tried to protect it. I had never seen a rooster protect his hens like he did. I did find all his tail feathers at the edge of the field. I know it sounds crazy but I am wondering if they are suffering some sort of trauma of that day. I got another Egger rooster and a White Sussex rooster and hen from a friend. My hens stayed clear from them for a couple days as I expected they would but now they all mix and mingle with each other. Yes there is the usual pecking order going on but that's to be expected. But still no eggs. Anyone ever go through this and if so, how long before yours started laying again.
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    Stress, from any source, can interfere with laying. Members have reported that unfamiliar dogs, harassing hens from the outside of fenced runs, will decrease/suspend laying for a period of time.

    There are threads about various methods of coyote suppression. Use Advanced Search (just remember to click on the SEARCH button at bottom of page after specifying your query).

    Good luck!
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