Lost my first pullet to a hawk today

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by bigclucker, Jan 17, 2010.

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    Dec 17, 2009
    I've had chickens since about Thanksgiving, and the 12 stay in a very large large fenced in area with two small coops. I have an addition I made to separate the new birds I brought in yesterday. Thought I had the area secured the same as I did the first area (no hawk attacks). Well, I was wrong. Came home from church today and a hawk was still in the pen, had just killed my EE I got yesterday. Some of the 'veteran' chickens had run into the most secure house, 2 who never fly out had flown out and hid under the deck to my house and the rest of the newbies were in a corner crying for help.

    I must admit I am pretty sad, but more mad. The hawk flew out to a nearby tree so I shot to scare him away. Flew to the neighbors property and with their permission I sent some warning shots there.

    What bothers me is that hawk didn't seem all that frightened of me or the warning shots.

    It would be very hard to net the top of my area because of its shape and size. I've been zigzagging fishing line across it as a deterrent from 2x2 posts, obviously left a gap too big.

    Any suggestions?

    PS I don't really buy into the "it's not the hawk's fault, it is their nature." I understand the argument, but it is in the nature of humans to protect their animals. Fault or not, there are consequences. Kind of like when a dog attacks a human, it may be another human's fault, but the deed is done.
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    Sorry you lost your EE.


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