Lost my Hen today, so heartbroken


May 8, 2019
Palmetto, Florida
My Coop
My Coop
I just had to share, none of my non chicken owning friends would understand.
I am a new chicken owner. I got my first four chickens in April 2019. Two Leghorns: Opal and Pearl and Two New Hampshire: Ruby and Scarlet.
I let my girls out when I got home from work to free range the fenced in backyard. They were all loving the cooler weather today in Florida.

I was cooking dinner and Ruby jumped up in the window trying to get my attention. I went over to the window tapped on it and was talking to her, telling her to go play. Then she jumped the little 3 foot plastic fence I have around the patio (so they don't poop on it) and she came pecking on the sliding glass door. So, I went out to see what was going on.

There lay dead one of my Leghorns, Pearl, by the kitchen window where Ruby was.
I have no idea what happened! She has not been sick at all, eating and drinking fine. She laid an egg this morning. As a matter of fact she was eating a tomato, I tossed out to her not even 15 min prior. And dust bathing, having a good time.

I looked her over real good, she looked fine, no injury seen, I felt her crop it seemed fine. I felt her belly and back etc..all looked fine to me.
It is a mystery why she died.

Her sister Opal got a bumble toe that I noticed last night and I started treatment on that today, so at first I thought it was her!!

As we were burying Pearl, Opal stood at the door of the run, I think she was looking for her sister, she is her sleeping partner.

Pearl was the Alpha chicken, and I am not sure who is next in the pecking order, and it will be interesting to see what happens.

Pearl was laid to rest in our pet cemetery. She has 6 cats, some fish, two diamond doves and a hamster or two to keep her company.
I am heartbroken. I expected this years from now, not now.
Thanks for listening my friends
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