Lost my hen


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9 Years
Jun 12, 2010
I posted awhile back that my 2 chickens (i only have 2) hadnt laid any eggs for about 3 weeks-I thought maybe bcause they were molting

well I lost one of them yesterday

she was standing up and not walking much she was all puffy all over and her eyes kept closing-this only started the night before...

I put her in a warm bath and massaged her middle thinking maybe she was eggbound...i felt some stuff in her stomach but it wasnt an egg they were like hard pea sized masses just a few then put her in a warm place for the night where she passed away

she was only 3 years old and laid the most enormous eggs I ever saw.

any idea what it could have been that took her down? and could my remaining hen be affected? (she hasnt laid either but her feathers are coming off)

also how social are chickens should i get the remaining one a friend soon? (was thinking of waiting until spring)

sad day here

thanks byc

sorry for your loss.... but i would try and find your hen a friend sometime soon, if you know of a breed you like.
thanks you guys-yes I guess I will find her a friend-had to find the one that died a friend this spring-wasnt easy to get them to live together!

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