Lost my ONLY silkie :(


9 Years
Apr 8, 2010
South Central Texas
Was the victim of a raccoon last night:(. She is not in the coop with the other chickens but in a pen (inside another pen) while she healed. There are three other chickens outside her pen but in their own who are fine. When I went to feed them this morning I saw her not moving, ran over and bam....I thought I was going to throw up cause I was already a little nauseous:sick. It makes me so DANG mad:mad:...I know the coop its self is pretty secure (Cement around the bottom, covered ect but I'm sure if the coon can find a screw driver it will just take the hinges off the door while we sleep. Either way I'm going to reinforce my reinforcing of the coop once it cools down here...

Anywho I had to vent...thanks for listening.
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