lost my plugs for my LG?

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Jan 9, 2011
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I set up my incubator and I am missing my plugs(u nowe, the little red ones) I know I can obviously incubate without them, I dont NEED them, actualy alot of people dont use them at all
. But with an LG, its hard to keep temp stable and the plugs help a lot buy keeping heat in, as well with humidity. What can I use that fits in the lid of LG to substitute in for plugs?Any tips on keeping temp stable w/o plugs?............and if your phsychic or something, can you tell me where they are in my house? Thanks for any aswers
I lost one of my two plugs (LG red just like yours). For lockdown I need both holes plugged to keep humidity up. I use a dinner napkin kinda rolled up (not the whole napkin) and use that as a plug. I take the napkin out for ventilation once lockdown is done (I usually am doing staggered hatches). I find temp stabilization fine with just one red plug in. Humidity though, well, it's such a battle that I have to mist inside the bator a few times a day during lockdown to keep it up.

Your plug? No idea, sorry. Mine? Probably in my cat's belly.... dumb cats.

Oh if you do use a napkin plug just make sure the napkin isn't near the heat elements (fire risk)

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