Lost one due to the heat/venting

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    Jun 1, 2007
    [​IMG] Well I came home thinking I was going to be down to 23 chickens, because hubby was processing two roos yesterday, but he informed me that when he got home, one of the black sex link hens had died from the heat. He still processed the roos but it was sad. I didn't realized how attached I had become. He buried the one and processed the others, but I told him after these roos are gone, we're not processing anymore unless we have to.

    It's strange too, because we were sad we lost one, and that we had to thin out the roos, the remaining chickens were effected by it. Our buttercup roo let out a sorrowful sad series of crows, that were distinctive different than they've ever been before. [​IMG] His crows had a tone of mourning. The sounded a little better this morning. [​IMG]

    We left the big door open to the coop today, added extra water inside, and are praying for some relief. It's supposed to be 101 today.

    Thanks for listening.....
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    AH I am sorry for you loss.it is always hard.........I think heat got two of mine also...........and its not going to be letting up soon...........gotta get those frozen water bottles out there.!

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