Lost one of my girls this morning. Not definite on COD


Jun 10, 2020
Keep in mind this is our first time raising chickens and up until today things have been going great!
I came out to the coop this morning to feed the hens found one of the girls lying dead on the floor of the run. She was not missing any feathers nor did she look like there was any damage to her comb or head.
Upon further inspection there was a chunk missing behind her ear. My father suggested that the other hens could have pecked her. I have heard of that happening especially when a chicken is sick or weak but this girl was fine or seemed so last night when I went out for my evening check. And there was no other disruption to her other than the bloody spot behind her ear. I’m really puzzled, being a novice I’m not sure if there is something I overlooked that I could have managed to deter this happening?
Any advice on this or opinions on what you think happened to my girl?

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