lost power!

Bantam Chase

8 Years
Jul 11, 2011
With Irene coming up last night I expected a power loss, and we got it! At 2:30 it went out, I covered the 'bator with towels to keep heat in, and crossed my fingers. I set my phone alarm for 5am thinking i'd get up and heat some hot water bottles and get the 'billy'bator up to temperature but it didn't happen (the getting up part). I was heating water when the lights came back on, but it was about 5 and a half hours without. I"m crossing my fingers the eggs will be OK and that my lazy butt didn't cost me 3 doz shipped eggs...
the air temp was about 75 degrees inside the bator this morning. Argh!
i just took a quick peek and saw some movement in the eggs - didn't look at every one and only glanced for a second, so I think we'll be ok
I bumped the incubator temp to get it a bit hotter quicker, i'll be around all day to move it back down to where it belongs so they don't freeze than cook... I bet they don't like jumping from a swimming pool to the hot tub like we do!

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