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    May 17, 2011
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    In the morning our kids usually go out an open up the coop, we free range the flock, no enclosed run. My wife woke up to the sound of the flock going nuts, i looked out the window and saw a dog with a hen pinned to the ground. my wife yelled at the dog and it took off i grabbed the 22 and headed fo the back door, as the dog came back from trying to get ahold of one of my turkeys it had an eye on another hen, it started running towards the hen when i shot the dog. Looked like a hunting dog that someone pobabaly abandoned because it wasn't much of a hunting dog. No collar/tags. So far that is the second predator I have taken care of the first was a cat, Yesterday another dog that looked similar to the one from friday was next door in a 32 acre farm he got within 20 ft of out coop. Friday we lost a total of 4 birds.
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    You did what you had to do. Good for you! I hate the idea of killing a dog, but sometimes it just has to be done. Especially with no collar or ID. If it was dumped, you did the poor thing a favor - it no longer has to look for food and shelter.

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