Lost their freedom, lost their rooster

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  1. Due to a fox, so now we are down from 12 hens and 1 rooster, to just 9 hens. They had been free ranging, but now will be confined to their house and a large pen. I noticed this morning 1 of the hens(who loved the rooster and hung right by his side) chasing another hen. I think she was establishing dominence. Will they all have to see who is top hen now? 1 hen, won't even come out of the henhouse now. I think this is a traumatic time for them. 1 hen constantly runs back and forth trying to get through the wire. I feel so bad for them. I wanted to see them have a nice summer, out scratching and picking up bugs. Should I just ignore this behavior and wait for everything to straighten out? I suppose they will eventually stop wanting to get out, that they will forget how good it was. Letting them out IS NOT an option now, not ever. Merry
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    Awww merry....im so sorry...Yes thre will be some new pecking order that has to be established. As far as the one paceing the fencline...she may have a nest out there...one you didnt know of. They shold all calm down in a few days tho. Maybe in a month or so...the fox will have learned there are no free meals there, and search elsewhere...good luck...Are you going to get another Roo??
  3. I don't know right now. the old rooster was wearing feather's off their backs quite bad, so I want to give that area a time to feather over again. I miss hearing him crow. We would go outside and whistle and make him crow. The dogs would bark and he would crow. The 1 who wouldn't come out,came out this morning. There are now several running the fence. I think they just want freedom. Merry
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    Oh, the poor babies, (and you too) I know this must be hard for you.

    I think there should already be an alpha hen. From what I understand anyway. She just did not have to do alot to control the flock as the rooster was there to take care of everything. Do you have a hen that does not have alot of feathers missing? From what I have read, sometimes the alpha hen does not even submit to the rooster. So her back may not be all tore up like the others.

    I know my alpha hen is Lucky the barred rock. The other night two of the other hens were fighting over who was going to sleep where and she let out a series of little clucks and they stopped and settled right down. The rooster did nothing. He was all settled in. It was really quite amazing. And if another hen is in "the nest" and she want to lay her egg. she lets out some sqawks and clucks and they get right up for her. Then they wait for her to finish and they will have their turn. It really is cool to watch.
  5. I have a brown leghorn and an aracauna that are fully feathered. Another aracauna, who ran with the rooster is quite assertive. I think she may be the one. Usually the silver wyandotte is the boss. I'll just have to watch and see. It should be interesting, though. I may get an older rooster later on this summer. One who is settled down and has more to do then just breed hens. Mine was only a year old and chased them all day long. He never could get his footing:rolleyes: on their backs. That made them raw. Merry
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    I am also at war with a fox. My chickens (16 hens and a roo) now stay pened up unless I am out there with them the WHOLE time. Right now I am waiting to get a fox trap from a friend to catch the fox. In the mean time we are inlarging their run.
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    Mine pace along the fence when I lock them in their pen. They have no idea how much danger they're in and so I make myself feel better by reminding myself of that. Also, I say to myself, "Who's the boss here? Me or them!?" LOL Believe me, there are MANY who have penned up their previously free-ranged chickens and all have said they feel just the way you do! Also, I think about those factory farms and those poor miserable chickens and that makes me feel better too.

    As far as a rooster, I know all about torn up backs! It isn't a pretty sight and is it even necessary? I've had flocks without a rooster and flocks with one and the roosterless flock did just fine without a man harassing them all the time. And they looked a lot better too! Just something to consider.

    Sorry I'm so long winded tonight! [​IMG]

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