Lost without a leader?

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    Oct 28, 2013
    We have four in our flock, and recently had to put one in isolation because of a comb injury. I'd always viewed her as the leader of the flock as she never got pushed around, the others would actually always get out of her way, and she was always the first to investigate. She was also always the first up in the morning - when I'd come to feed just before dawn, she'd pop out of the coop, run toward me and the others would follow. This morning, with their leader in isolation, it's like the others just didn't know what to do when the sun came up. I fed them (topped with a sprinkle of meal worms - which has been known to send them sprinting and/or flying across the yard), but they stayed in the coop. I peeked in, found they were awake and looking around, but they didn't budge. They stayed in the coop for almost an hour after sun up. Are they lost without their leader?
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    Sounds like you're right, they are definitely missing their lead hen!

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