Lots of beautiful babies to home in ATX :) I'm pretty new to chicken scene, brand new to BYC!


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This is my first time hatching a surplus of chicks (more than what I am keeping for myself), and the only place I knew to home them was craigslist (and prefer not to sell to feed stores). I give attention to each chick every day, and the results are tons of personality after a couple weeks (while the new ones are just small, fluffy, and adorable)! These will truly be great pet chickens. I was thinking about going to a Farmer’s Market, but am guessing it will not be permitted without jumping through a lot of hoops.

I was just generously informed this would be a good place to post, so "yay" so far for BYC :)

Frizzled or straight, to be determined when feathers come in!
*DOB 9/24 - 9/27: Black Silkies & Malaysian Serama Bantams - several teeny tiny & cute fluff balls , about 10 of each
*DOB 9/12: Cochin Bantams - 3 gorgeous chicks - these chicks have a lot of personality! Very friendly and curious, and beautiful!
Straight Feathers
*DOB 9/12: Buff Polish - 2 chicks
*DOB 9/13: Polish - The parents were a straight and frizzle cross, and these are the straight chicks!
1 chick is mostly white with a few black accents
1 chick is black laced with gray/blue feathers
1 chick is mostly black with hints of gray
*DOB 9/05 Silkies - The available chick is partridge colored and is very friendly! I’m keeping the other partridge and blue silkie for myself! :0)

I will reserve them if you set up a time to meet with me the same day or next day :)

Thank you!

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