Lots of Birds and Chicks for sale - OH (going to Lucasville)


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Jun 8, 2008
Central Ohio

Chickens multiply and I am being forced to massively downsize my flock. I have a bunch of birds of a variety of ages for sale.

Standard Cochins (abt 16 weeks)
2 blue pullets, 7 buff pullets, and 2 buff roos $15 per pullet, $ 7 per roo

Easter Eggers
1 20 week old pullet (not laying yet) and about 9 16 week old pullets $12 each

A trio of light brahma bantams - 1yo - $40

Buff Silkie Show pair - $40

Black Silkie Show Pair - $40

5 month old silkies, just starting to lay. I think I have 4 girls and 3 boys, black, blue, and partridge. Nice but not show quality

Beautiful mixed breed chicks from 2 - 20 weeks Mostly pullets

LIght Brahma bantam chicks and Cuckoo Marans chicks (abt 3 weeks old) $5 each straight run

Black and White pied muscovy ducklings 4-8 weeks $7 straight run.

Also 30 Buckeye chicks - $4 each, straight run
11 Buff Orpington Pullets - $4 each

I'll try and get pictures up on one of my personal pages here in a bit. I don't have good recent pics of some of them so I have to get that done around sick kids.

I am in central ohio. I will be going to the lucasville show next weekend. I also may have someone willing to transport birds to NE Ohio for a small handling charge.

Thanks a bunch!



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Aug 21, 2008
The Hills of Eastern Ohio
Hi. I just wondered what the status was... have you sold any of these? I am currently trying to talk my hubby into letting me add more chickens and I'd love to have some Buckeyes...

Edited to add:
Where in Central Ohio are you... and where in NE Ohio can you have them delivered?
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