LOTS of birds/chicks for sale, in INDIANA, peafowl, ducks, etc.


13 Years
Jan 11, 2007
Marion, IN
I live near Marion, in Grant County, between Indy and Ft. Wayne, and all of this is PICK UP ONLY.

5 started BTW Japanese....10$ for all 5.

A started pair of BBR Phoenix....5$

2 serama cockerals out of Lydlo's eggs...$2.50 ea.

2-3 mutt chicks, 1.00 ea. (cochin x phoenix, pretty babies)

4-5 Partridge cochin bantam chicks, $2.25 ea

One cochin cockeral, not quite a year old, blue. $2.00

8 or so Assorted bantam chicks, 2.00 ea....these are leftovers I bought from TSC. Not certain what they are, feather footed bantams is all I know for sure.

Pair of Cayuga ducks....male is solid black yearling, female is 3 and gets more white feathers as time passes but hatched out black...$15.00

4 peafowl, one is a silver pied hen, 2 yrs old. One is a yearling India Blue hen, one white yearling I'm not sure of sex, and one strange looking spotted female (I think). 150$ FIRM for all 4, I paid 100$ for the silver pied alone. SERIOUS inquiries only, I can send pics.

***Peafowl Disclaimer...I had a male that died 2 mos. ago, I don't know why. These guys currently live w/ chickens, guineas and turkeys and I'm selling them because I don't think I have a male to breed to them, and don't have room to house them seperately.
You are buying them knowing they've been around other birds AND should probably be quarantined for a while before moving in w/ your birds.***

PLEASE email: [email protected] if you'd like pics / info. I don't always get to check back to read posts or pm's but I do check my email often.

I will sell all of the birds listed above for 200$ total. I need to make room since I have full bators and brooders.


EDITED TO ADD...Sorry, but NO, I can't meet / deliver, hold, etc.
PICK UP ONLY was clearly stated, I'm sorry if it's too far of a trip for you to make, and I understand that...Please understand that with a job, a farm, a family, and the recent death of a loved one, I'm a little too busy to keep answering "can you meet me" emails when I've already said "Pick Up Only".
Thank you!
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