Lots of Eggs in OK! Jersey Giant, Turken & More


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Feb 12, 2008
Tuttle, Oklahoma
My hens are laying well so I'm offering these pure breed hatching eggs for $1 for all hatching eggs except for cuckoo marans which are $2 per egg and $12 for shipping USPS priority, and I always send plenty extra eggs.

Cuckoo Marans (I have 2 blue cuckoo hens along with mostly regular, darker cuckoo hens and 2 feather legged roos) My feather legged cuckoos come from Kelly Cratty lines. They're laying over a dozen eggs a day! $2 per egg


Jersey Giants ~ I have 2 blue roosters with 5 black hens and a dozen blue hens. Most of the chicks are now hatching blue! They're laying over a dozen eggs a day!


Turken ~ I have a buff rooster and a black tail white rooster with 3 white hens and a dozen buff hens. I also have a pair of barred or cuckoo turkens that I could add their egg in. They're laying over a dozen eggs a day!


I also have Apenzeller Spitzhauben, Brabanter, Silkie, Egyptian Fayoumi listed on another thread. You can mix & match or just buy an assortment. I only sell the best looking and freshest eggs for hatching and fertility is excellent in all breeds. $1 per egg

Oh, and I do have turkey eggs for sale too. Bourbon Red, Narragansett, Royal Palm and Blue Slate. They are $4 each.

My paypal is [email protected]
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Just to put a good word in, I got some of her cuckoo eggs and they were the darkest cuckoo eggs I have ever seen, they were packed very nice, not one egg broke and the fertility was great, all 18 eggs were fertile.................I would and plan on buying from her again..................


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Sep 25, 2007
Just a quick note about Carla - she's a pleasure to deal with, and the Jersey eggs I purchased from her were all fertile....I put 10 in the bator, and hatched 4 blue, 3 black, and a splash! They are all GORGEOUS birds, healthy, and with nice dispositions! She packs well, and there were several extra.

I plan to buy from her again!

Here are my blue boy jerseys at 8 weeks - they're now about 13 weeks, getting in their big-boy feathers, and man, am I gonna have a rough time picking which one(s) stay!


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