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Apr 18, 2019
Hereford, AZ
I have about 26 hens, 1 turkey, 1 duck, & 8 guinnas all living in a large fenced yard... I also have 4 roosters & 3 male ducks penned in.. Everything has a ground floor.. I have LOTS of mice everywhere.. I’ve tried dripping rosemary into the holes, rubbing it on the dishes.. the chickens catch one occasionally... help!! Is there anything I could do that won’t hurt the birds..
We were overrun with mice last autumn and bait was the only way to bring the problem back under control. I haven't seen a mouse since. Some baits have a reduced chance of secondary poisoning (if a predator eats a mouse that has died from the poison).

Remove water from the runs at night as the bait makes mice seek out water, so if there's none around they'll go and find it far from your birds.

When you are dealing with an infestation traps will barely make a dent as they breed faster than you can catch them.
Get a treadle feeder with a spring loaded door and check the negative reviews before you spend your hard earned money. Clean up the area so that the rodents are exposed when they travel. Ignore the old wives tales of soda pop, instant potatoes, plaster of paris, or heavy scented stuff like mint, none of them work.

And do a forum search, there are dozens if not hundreds of threads dozens of pages long on this topic. You will find some posts by Howard E that probably has done the best job on rodent control posts.
I use the baits too. I put them where only the rats and mice can get to them in child proof and pet proof bait stations, which has a little window above the bait so it can be checked daily. Rats and mice will travel some so it can actually be on another part of your property where pets, children and birds can't get access to it. I'm not telling you to use poison. Try the many other things first and you may find something that works for you. I had an infestation of rats and tried many things first. I did not find any dead rats laying around nor any dead critters from second hand poisoning. I think the rats went into their tunnels they had dug around the coops and died so they buried themselves. Whatever you decide to do, good luck...

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