Lots of Milk!

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    Last night I got about a gallon and a half of milk. That is pretty good! My hands are still sore today! Here is a photo of the milk from the evening milking.

    Last week I made some Chicken Kabobs on the BBQ... I saw a cooking show where they used Rosemary twigs as the skewers for Kabobs. It seemed like a good idea... I thought they turned out pretty good. But Rick said he was getting "splinters" from the twigs!!

    Here is a photo of the plate.


    Yesterday was a fun day for taking photos of the goats.

    Here they are waiting for me to put more hay in the feeder.Notice Countess is up close to the camera.
    She is just so sweet!!


    Notice the red plastic feeder on the wall? It is a special feeder for a mineral supplement. The kids really like that stuff. Here is George with his leg in it.


    Goat kids are very busy creatures... Gwenivere is at her new home, but Gracie has taken over getting into the feeder.


    I told her to get out of there, so she decided to kneel in the feeder instead of getting out of it.


    Countess and Shadow are very patient goats for the most part.


    The kids spend much of their day butting heads with each other.


    For the past couple of weeks Dutchess has been eager to go into the milking shed. Last night I let her go up on the stand for a few minutes after I was finished milking. She is still nursing her kids, but I suppose she wants to mimic the other goats now that she "is big" and has milk too. I don't know if she will be a good milker, she was quite a wild child before she had her kids.


    It was getting dark when I finally got done with all the "stuff" that needs to be done to keep the goats happy and healthy. I thought this sunset photo was nice.

    Here is one with all three of the kids.
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    Oh, so precious! I love the shadow photo. I miss my Nubians horribly. Other than my birds, they are my favorite animal of any that I ever kept growing up or now. They are great animals. Yours are very cute! [​IMG]
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    Very nice goats! I wish I was getting a gallon of milk a day!!!! Those kids are cuties! [​IMG]

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