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    Hi all. I have posted several times, about my Silkie - Sophie and her battle with Wry Neck. I just wanted to update add some information that I have received from an Avian Veterinary Specialist. I thought I would pass it along.

    Although Sophie only cost me $3.50 from MyPetChicken.com she immediately became a part of my family and was loved as much as any other animal in my home. At about 10 weeks, I tried to merge my 2nd flock (4 silkies, 1 EE bantam and 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte) which didn't go too well. Sophie was pecked badly at the base of her skull. I am very new to the world of chickens and this was all new to me. I read some threads, asked advice and I left her wound alone, isolated her for healing and then... in a few days' time. The wry neck settled in.

    I tried letting her be, then I tried Poly-Vi-Sol and then Poly-Vi-Sol with Vitamin E (which has to be with selenium so that they may break it down) After a few weeks of a slight head tilt she rapidly declined. Within a day her head was at a complete 180 degree turn and her only direction was backwards. She was eating and drinking alright - or so I thought. I didn't want to take any chances so I brought Sophie to an exotic and avian specialist. After a shocking $366 vet bill, which I could not afford - but I figured, Sophie first, broke ass later... she was put on several medications. An antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory (for the brain swelling), and 2 Avian supplements (she was underweight and dehydrated).

    The vet felt the cause was both the injury and perhaps an underlying genetic disease. Sophie is also slightly anemic. She needs more blood work, but I just cannot afford it at this time, and they CBC (Complete blood count) they had already done was inconclusive. ($175). I read so much about full recoveries frm wry neck, and others without. I am so broken hearted...I don't know what to do with her, but I really don't think she has any quality of life. It takes me 30-45 minutes to get all her meds in, and she is so stressed doing it - I almost feel like I am making her worse. The vet felt she was balanced just fine, but her world was upside down so she just acted accordingly. They couldn't tell if it was actual brain swelling which caused the issue or if it was a genetic disease which could also have been contributing to the problem. Because I did not clean out her wound, could also have contributed to the problem - being that chickens are not the cleanest animals. My other silkie was split open straight down her back, but I thought to clean her with a sterile wash and she has since made a full and remarkable recovery.

    I am reaching out to my chicken loving community - if anyone is willing to take her and try and help me heal her? I would pay. I don't have much, but I would pay what I could... or if someone would even like to take her to keep. I don't know THAT much about chickens, I am still learning and I have no idea how to "put her down" if I had to.

    I think she may be able to recover but I just don't have the time to really give her that I think she needs. I do occassionally forget a dosage - which I am sure impacts her healing.

    She is on:

    Clavamox - 62.5mg - 2x day for 2 weeks
    Metacam - 4 units per day for 7 days
    Emeraid Omnivore-Avian - 8mL 3x a day
    Avix Booster - 0.2 mL once a day

    She WAS doing ok with balance and all - and the vet felt she could make a recovery, but may not be able to be a part of a flock because of her handicap.

    I just wanted to share a 'professional' medical update... and reach out for help. I know wry/crook neck baffles so many, I wanted to contribute a little information


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