Lots of young chicks for sale in Portland, Oregon

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    I have alot of chicks for sale: I need to get rid of em soon!

    2- 3 week old Leghorn pullets, these are from a local breeder, good quality birds, and great people. Leghorns are wonderful Egg laying birds, and will produce up to 300+ eggs a year!! $6 ea (will throw in a free Leghorn rooster chick if you want)

    The following are all straight run: Cannot promise sex, just quality. They have been raised on good feed, and are happy, healthy, active, and strong!!

    3- 17 Day old buff oprington chicks, these come from the same breeder of the leghorns, great birds!! $ 5 ea

    5- 17 Day old Australorp chicks, same breeder as above, my second favorite bird!! $5 ea

    10- 12 Day old Blue laced red Wyandottes. These are SHOW quality birds meaning they come from NPIP certified farms, who carry only heritage birds, and cull their flocks for the BEST birds to breed. I have 10 blue or black, and 2 splash chicks. None of the farms breed the black variety, but a Blue laced Hen will throw a few black chicks every now and again (25% of the time.) I doubt you will get more than 2 of the black variety, and many of the ones i originally think are black, turn out to be gorgeous dark blue laced. Parents come from these farms:
    $110 for all 12 of them, or i will sell in two 6 packs $60 each. Whatever comes first.. Each 6 pack will include 5 blue/black and 1 splash Blue laced Red.

    I also have about 50: 2 day old chicks to sell as well. They come from local farmers who breed for purity and quality. Unfortunately many generations (4+) these birds were from a hatchery. I cannot honestly say whether or not they will be SHOW quality, or anything superior in stature. They will be fantastic backyard birds, and will be the best new addition to your urban farm this spring!! Everyone seems to want chickens these days, so why not join the craze!! I have at least 7 of the following breeds: Australorp, barred Rock, Buff Orpington, Delaware, and Turkens aka Naked Necks. $4 each, or if you buy 10 or more $3 each. Have some fun raising some really cool animals!!

    PM me with any questions and i will gladly answer them!!



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