Lotus the Wannebe House Hen

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    Apr 2, 2014
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    I love all my girls, but Lotus definitely has the most personality.

    She's always ready to investigate new things, copy other animals, and try to become a house hen.

    She's done a few things over the several months since I brought her home (it'll be a year on March 30).

    She's always the first to greet me when I go out back.

    The kitten jumped onto a chair to play with my cigarette lighter. Once the kitten jumped down, Lotus jumped up. She just HAD to know what was so interesting.

    I had to replace the roof on a part of the chicken coop. She jumped up to investigate and inspect.

    And of course, my fav behavior of hers. When I call the dogs in, she races them to the backdoor wanting to come into the house. Any time the back door is open, she walks into the house. Not just the kitchen either. I've found her on the steps going upstairs, in the family room, and I've even seen her contemplating walking into the master bedroom. Please forgive the long hose in the picture. i keep fish tanks and was doing water change when this pic was taken.

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    There's always a special one.......
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    Apr 12, 2013
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    I have a couple like her that come in and raid the dog bowl.

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