Loud chicks!


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Mar 1, 2009
Muskogee OK
Hi everyone,i have 2 bantam chicks, they are loudly peeping, my standards never made so much noise! if i hold them they snuggle down to sleep- - they have food,water and the lamp- any suggestions or is that normal?
i was wondering if they may be too warm? when i pick them up they snuggle down and go to sleep, reminds me of puppies- its their first nite here too.
Puppies will cry when they are too cold or uncomfortable as well. They may need more warmth. Or maybe try a stuffed animal in the brooder. Maybe they want something to cuddle with? Not that I am any expert, but in my experience they don't really tend to cry if they are too warm.
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I had one batch of new chicks that were in a brooder with the temperature at 95 degrees and they just wouldn't settle down. I warmed it up several degrees and they quieted right down. You wouldn't think such a small change would make that big a difference, but it does.
Ok, i think i have it figured out- they settle down when cupped in my hands- soo- i have a beanie baby bat - real soft, it is sitting in the corner of their brooder, so they can snuggle under its wings- and like magic, they relaxed and went to sleep.... silly babies!

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