Loud Hens In The Morning - WHY?!?!

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Sep 20, 2017
Minneapolis, MN
So I have 2 girls, one is a chocolate cuckoo orpington and the other is a blue orpington.

They. Are. So. Loud. In. The. Mornings. WHY?!?!?

The blue Orpington (Bertha) usually lays her eggs around 8am, meanwhile the chocolate orpington (Rick The Chick) is in the yard being loud and obnoxious. She almost sounds like a goose with her honking.

THEN THEY SWITCH PLACES! Rick will then go into the box take 2 hours to lay while Bertha comes out and is loud an obnoxious.

There's food and water out for them all of the time. Why are they so loud? Is it because the ground is frozen and they cant kick up stuff? I throw cracked corn and stuff in the yard for them to pick up but they're still loud.

I know Rick isn't doing her egg song because she hasn't laid yet at the time of her honking. Bertha does her egg song in the coop and it's short, but then will take a 15minute break then start honking like a goose.

This all goes down between 8am-10am...after that they're silent the rest of the day.

I need help, I fear my neighbors are going to complain.
It's just the egg song. Think of your chickens and excited and peppy high school cheerleaders cheering each other on as they lay! I have one hen that I'm pretty sure honks until the last of the flock has laid for the day. I have another that paces and clucks until it's her turn in the box.
Yep. Mine get loud sometimes too. Usually an egg song, or predator call for help. My neighbors have never complained but they all have dogs and/or kids which make waaay more noise than my girls. Some chickens just make more noise than others, as I have a couple that are relatively silent compared to their sisters. If they go off for more than 5 min. I go see what the fuss is about, and they usually quiet down when they see me coming.
I'm gonna have to start paying my neighbors in actual money (just kidding) because my dumb birds are so loud about laying. Sometimes they do the egg song and DON'T even last an egg. So obnoxious. People hear them and are terribly worried that something awful is going on. Nope.
One of mine in particular is a noisy hen (Delta,) always yelling at me if I'm in the yard and she can see me, or making a fuss about egg laying. If another particular hen (Blue) is in the nest box, she'll have a fit to the point of going to the roof over the nest box and jumping up/down while screaming trying to get Blue out of there. Not the other 2 birds, just Blue, and for no reason. That's just her thing, and I used to worry about my neighbors getting upset until I realize that their dogs bark all night and their kids scream bloody murder after school, so I figure we're even.
My hens do this every morning they just enjoy it. They swak and honk at my dogs and try to play with them. I think they are just entertaining them selves and complaining I haven't put treats out yet.
I have one hen that will run- or fly- out into the yard, after she's laid an egg, flapping her wings still singing at the top of her lungs. Some of them seem to be cheering the others on. Sometimes it's as if their saying, "Hurry up, it's my turn in the box." Once a hen stood her ground in the coop, when I went in there, as if she was saying, "We're busy- get out."

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