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Mar 31, 2015
So I have 10 ducks and a goose.
1 black Swedish(f) - Bea Bea
1 Blue Swedish(f)- Skye
2 Cayuga (f)- Clover and Dandelion
2 Welsh Harlequin (f) (m)- Sweat Pea and Whisper
3 Golden Layers (f) - Buttercup, Ivy and Sunshine
1 Pekin (f) -Jack Jack
Embden Goose (f)- Piper

My swedish ducks are the biggest loudmouthed ducks ever! Every morning at 5:30am they Bea Bea starts quacking loudly. She sounds like she has a megaphone. And that sets off Skye and then the others will start quacking but they are not as loud as the Swedish ducks. My goodness they are so vocal. I've never had Swedish before so I had no idea how loud they were. I'm just hoping my neighbors don't complain. Now they start quacking at 5:30 because they want to be let out so I have to get up and let them out of their pen so they will stop quacking. But even then throughout the day the swedes will just start up a quacking session for no apparent reason. Thannkfully it doesn't last long but now I'm concerned about if I ever have to go on vacation and they have to stay in their pen while I'm gone that they will just be loud mouths the whole time I'm gone.

Bea Bea is one of my favorites though because she likes to hang out with me when I'm gardening and eat the bugs and slugs I uncover. I can even say "Bea Bea LOOK" and she runs over to see what I have and then the other ducks follow her. She's definitely the leader.
Skye my Blue Swedish wants nothing to do with me but she's been skittish of me since I got her.


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May 19, 2014
Georgetown, TX
My runners are loud. I purposely don't let them out at the crack of dawn because I don't want to start a habit. They go out at 7am. I did notice that they got really loud between 10-15 weeks and have chilled out a bit but they will still go off from time to time.
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Mar 31, 2015
If they hadn't quacked so loud I would definitely have trained them to go out at 7am but because of the neighbors I didn't want to leave her loudly quacking for an hour and a half. They are louder than my dogs barking.


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May 6, 2013
"teen" ducks often have the most obnixous mix of quack and gumption to quack. My black Swedish is noisy but my buff duck is worse.

That and don't give in. They will only get louder.

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