Louise's Country Closet


8 Years
Jul 14, 2011
My backyard farm, Maine
I'm planning on buying some chicken saddles from her. I know she's on here but I wanted to just advertise her here anyway

She makes amzing saddles with the most adorable fabrics.

And she includes a how-to video for putting them on the girls.

Has anyone else used her products? Does anyone else use saddles for their girls?
I use her chicken diapers. Her quality is amazing. The diapers have 2 straps on the back kinda like a book bag would. You can even criss-cross them. She puts a notch for the tail so it fits securely. I absolutely love that diaper. Annie-Belle can't even get her claws under the fabric to pull it off! Highly recommended! Just ask Annie-Belle...

I've been thinking of getting the diapers so I could bring my babies in the house with me. Like I need any more excuses to send more time with my animals!
I am glad I saw this thread -- I just placed an order for 7 saddles from Louise. Great to see the happy customers!

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