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    We are attempting to put together a Chicken-Swap, expo, stock. I would like to pick someone's brain that has gone down this path before. This would be a first for us. We already have talked with our state AG agency (LSU-AGCENTER) and are working on the legal issues, NPIP Ect.

    If there is someone out there that could shed some light, please contact me off list.


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    Apr 23, 2008
    Central Louisiana
    Hey! I just got my Market Bulletin today & look what was in it!

    "North Louisiana Poultry Club Fall Show will be held Nov 20th at the Claiborne Parish fairgrounds in Haynesville. Large fowl and bantams. For more information, call 318-949-0027".

    Anybody know anyone connected with this event? Could it be possible they don't know BYC even exists?
    Who wants to call for more information? If nobody else does, I will next week & see what this is all about & if they know about this site.
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    I wonder who the North Louisiana Poultry Club is? I have googled them, Binged, yahoo'ed and found nothing.

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