Louisiana Shootings

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  1. This morning at 6:00am I am reading the news and I come across the story of the family who has been shot down by their father/ex-husband/grandfather...
    See here:

    It has been weighing HEAVY on my mind since and I am so broken hearted for this poor woman who has lost her husband and her 2 year old baby boy, PLUS was 6 months pregnant and went into labor and delivered a very preterm baby boy.
    She jumped out of a second story window with her 2 year old son, can you imagine?! [​IMG]

    I'm just so broken for her...

    I find myself wondering is she tried to sheild her babies with her body, how she convinced the little boy to jump with her, etc.
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    My sympathies for all those affected by another act of destruction. I can not imagine the pain associated with this tragedy. Fathers are supposed to provide and protect; if this were an isolated event it might be a different response. Nothing can cause the loss of faith or deterioration of our family system more than this kind of evil unleashed. We need to pray for this family and the premature infant but also for our society.
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    I know this sounds selfish, but this is one of the reasons that I avoid the news most of the time. So much grief, sadness and evil.

    I pray for this family and their well-being.

  4. Quote:You are VERY right Cam... It's why I don't normall read the news... This story caught my attention on the welcome screen that pops up when I come online or I would have never known about it.

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