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    I would geography related answers if possible......
    I currently have a chicken tractor with 1 roo and 4 pullet black jersey giants purchased as chicks from a feed store that said they were vaccianted for merks, they are approx. 5 months old. I have another tractor with 1 roo and 3 hen porceline dutch bantams, probably mixed and came from a chicken hoarder with good intentions. The two tractors are seperated by approx 1 acre of land. So far, all i have done is worming on everything. I have DE on order from a local feed mill. I just read about it, got all my info correct, and had my local feed mill lady track some down for me. I live rural, and it takes a while to get things......... Questions..... What vaccinations do I give my current cluckers?..... I am getting some day old danvers in about a month, they will not be vaccinated, what aside from merks do they need? I am concerned about fowl pox, as we have a CRAZY mosquitoe population. I know ALL about quarantene, as I have had horses, cows, and other animals most of my life. I want to raise QUALITY birds for show, sale, and hobby reasons.( the bantams were a quick fix and will have a home when i get the danvers laying, and i already culled the non quality giants). I have read about vaccinations, but havent seen anything about what regions vaccinate for what diseases.
    Thank you all in advance for helping.
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    To get local information, I suggest you call your parish extension agent, in the phone book under parish government. I did that up here in Arkansas and the county extension agent put me in touch with an Ag professor at the U of A that breeds chickens and used to show them. At the least, your extension agent should be able to put you in touch with a local poultry club or some such that can give you good local information.

    As an aside, after talking to that professor, I decided to not vaccinate my chickens for anything. I do not plan to show my birds. Since you do, I'd think you would want some vaccinations. I just don't know which ones.

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