"Love Among The Chickens" by P. G. Wodehouse

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    This is an old book, but is in readable condition. The dust jacket has a little tearing across the top and there is some writing on the inside cover pages. The book was written in 1920 but this is the 15th printing, so I don't know exactly how old the book is.

    This is a humorous story about two friends who want to start a chicken farm, but don't know anything about chickens. In one part of the story it was figured out that if the incubator was set at a lower temperature the chicks would take longer to hatch. When they didn't hatch it was claimed that the incubator was faulty and shouldn't be paid for!

    One of the friends is the backer, who is somewhat of a schemer (for example, his plan is to buy the chickens, hatch out chicks, then return the chickens so they don't have to pay for them). The other is telling the story in the first person.

    Some of the references are dated and I honestly didn't have a clue as to what they referred to, but it was still a fun bit of light reading, although the author seemed to know as much about chickens as his charactors!

    This is really a love story (yes, there is a girl) but the chickens provide a bit of comic relief.

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