Love At First Keet (Pic)

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  1. A much happier story this time. Here is my first healthy little keet, 1 day old. Too bad he's all alone, but there are two other eggs that may or may not hatch - hopefully he will have a buddy soon.

    These are three eggs that spent all but the last eight days of their incubation at a temp a few degrees too low. Once I got edumacated by all of you knowledgable people, I turned it up. This little guy did fine, but has two other little eggheads not doing too much to try to hatch. We'll see. Meanwhile, he really loves his mirror.

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  2. And good gosh, Keets are feisty, aren't they? He just about flips a biscuit every time I show up to check on him - he jumps a mile and runs and tumbles and fusses.
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    Mar 28, 2011
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    Cute lil Pearl grey keetsie there [​IMG] Congrats!

    And yes, keets scatter like cockroaches... lol. The wild blood never leaves them, no matter how many generations are domestically bred.
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    What a little cutie [​IMG] Congrats [​IMG]

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