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    It's my first time posting in this section, but I just want to shout out loud how much I LOVE how raising poultry has affected my children. My oldest is four years old, and my second is three, and my third is two years old. We candled chicken eggs together, my oldest and I, and then viola! A few days later one of my hens hatched a chick so she got to see what we look at inside the eggs. It made it so much more real for her, to see the chicks both inside and outside the eggs (even though it wasnt the same chick!). We use egg-collection time for counting, she's learning to read thermometers while incubating, not to mention the sense of responsibility she's gained (at four years old, she'll say, "Mom! Did you remember to collect the eggs?" when Daddy gets home).

    I grew up in the city, and farming life is a choice I've made and am proud of despite being raised to squeal at the tiniest of insects (I say that lovingly, my mother's hilarious when she's running from a spider or stamping out ants). I never had any concept of HOW my dinner got to the grocery store, or HOW eggs turned into chickens, or WHY farmers work from sunup to sundown. It's an educational experience for all of us, but I truly, truly value what raising a flock of chickens and a few other livestock here and there has taught my children already. I figured, if there's one place I can gush and gush about how much I LOVE including feathers in my family, it's backyardchickens. :) Thanks for reading!
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    I too know the joy and teaching moments that nature brings. Children raised in this lifestyle in my opinion are more rounded. Congrats on your venture and thanks for sharing!

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    Very nice post! And welcome! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I agree, what a lovely post! I have two daughters, ages 7 and 5, and I know this experience will only benefit them. Our first chicks are due to arrive next week and they are very excited. Both of my kids love animals, but my 7 year old, Anna, takes after me. I was just born loving almost any type of animal and interested in them and their care and so was she. I like sharing my joy of animals with them, and this will hopefully be an exciting, fun, but most of all learning adventure for all of us!

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