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10 Years
Jul 5, 2009
I have 12 white leghorns & 12 golden comets, that are 16 wks old. As chicks, they were quite affectionate . My family compared me to the bird lady in Home Alone. The past 4 wks, the act terrified if I try to pick them up & they don't fly on me anymore. When I go in the coop, they all run out. I'm heartbroken. Any suggestions?
Put out just enough feed that that finish it in the evening so they are hungry in the morning, then go out an toss or hand feed little tidbits(your choice) before putting out the regular feed. Don't forget to talk to them while you're doing it. You can even use their regular food and they think its wonderful.
Mine were great when they were little and in the brooder. But when I put them out in the coop, they got their first taste of freedom and would run from me like a teenager who didn't want to be seen with his mother.
As they got used to me coming and going and bringing treats to them out there, AND as they got close to laying they mellowed out a lot. They now follow me and will eat out of my hand. My advice? TREATS, TREATS, TREATS, and patience.
I had the same issue with my ladies (BR). When they were younger they would all fight over who sits on my lap, then it seemed like once they hit that toddler/young teen years the attitude started. It does get better, at least with mine once the first egg was laid it was like they couldn't get close enough. One of the ladies flies up on my back everytime I enter the pen. Good luck.
Teenage angst- they'll come back to you when they come to their senses. They'd been just like yours (lap pets) and then they started acting as if they'd never seen me before. I just kept our routine consistent and once they started laying it seemed as though they'd been slapped upside the head and thought- "Hey- it's Mom! She brings treats sometimes!"

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