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Feb 1, 2011
Growing up in the country and on a farm, chickens were always around, free ranging, of course. They had wooden boxes in a "chicken house" to lay their eggs, if they wished., otherwise, we children had to hunt them down. Baby chicks were ordered every spring, kept warm till time to set them free with the yard chickens. Most of them were meant for the freezer at about 12-15 wks. Some were always kept for eggs.
I knew nothing about "breeds, which meant for what purpose?, etc, Pets of chickens? Blasphamy. I retired from long career, and raised.3 children. I now have 4 grandchildren and got interested in chickens about 4 years ago. After buying our first few chickens from our local 4-H auction, we really got into it. I went to a local hatchery with a good reputation, and bought about 2 of everything, lol, and give them all names.
We just lost half of a pair of Silkies and are looking for a buddy for him.. It's a male, I think, about 5 months old. So, we'd prefer a pullet or hen.
We live in the Woodbury area and lt would be great to find one or 2 from someone in or around Cannon County. Please, if anyone has a pair of Silkies they would spare, please let me know through this medium or Let me know how to contact you,

ON another subject, we took care of low egg production, 1-3 per day, bringing production back up to 12*15 a day. We have 21 laying hens. My husband, Troy, strung a regular 40 watt light across the ceiling of each of our 2 coops. It took them about 2 weeks to get back up to speed. on egg Production.

I'd love to hear from anyone on any of these subject or other topics, but most especially Silkie.


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Jan 10, 2013
glad you have joined us.

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