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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by kb010, Apr 5, 2009.

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    So I got my chickies on Friday (already posted pics) and thought I would update. So far we have lost 2 (we ordered 15 and got 16). The first one died within hours of coming home. She wasn't doing so well from the start. The second one died last night/this morning of unknown cause. I was away last night, and I had noticed one wasn't doing so well when I left. My mom said she continued to do poorly last night, and she even tried giving her a little sugar water. Anyways, she died despite our efforts. The rest are doing really well, and I can see them growing! I swear I go away for a few hours and come back and they have grown! They are also quite the little poop machines. I just cleaned out the brooder and put down fresh paper towels bc they were so gross.

    I was thinking of taking the paper towels out completely tomorrow afternoon or so (that would make them about a little under a week old.) We have down that pelleted horse stall stuff. I dampened it a little before we got our babies so it would fluff up and be ready to use when we were ready to "graduate." Do you think they will eat the little bits of wood? I's sorta like sawdust (not quite as fine though). Thoughts?

    As a side note, I was thinking of stopping by TSC tomorrow to see what they have for chicks. I was thinking of adding an EE or two to the mix and maybe a BR.

    I love the little guys (or girls, rather). They are hysterical to watch, and cool to see grow. I think I'm hooked.
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    Mar 23, 2009
    I started off with my baby chicks using the paper towels and newspaper. It was a pain trying to keep it clean. I got a big bag of the pine shavings from wal-mart for about $7 and it works GREAT.

    As far as adding other chicks with the ones you have, I'm not a pro but think as long as they are about the same age, and size you shouldn't have a problem. Just keep a close eye on them at first.

    Sounds like the chicken bug has bitten you as well. LOL I am a first timer too. And I am already thinking about what kind of chicks I can add to my little flock. LOL

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