Love my girls


Sep 1, 2019
Ligonier, Pa
Hi, My name is Lori and I live in SW Pa. I got into chickens by accident, literally. My neighbor raises them with her boys for 4H and showed me them as babies. As they began to grow 4 of them would come into my garden. So I need them. 1 in particular would hang with me and would come when I called them for afternoon treats. She also raised ducks and they picked on her and almost killed her one day. From that day forward Sophia and I have been buddies. I now take care of her and we got her a friend, an Americana named Harriette. They are the only 2 i have. I also have 2 mixed breed dogs. Call me crazy but sewing is a relaxing time for me, for the dogs, and building things for the girls. They will soon have a new coop and run for the winter.
I live seeing all of the creative ideas on water and feeding and of course the advice on cleaning out the coop and feeding healthy food and snacks. Sophia is under weight so getting her healthy is important to me.
My friends and neighbor call me crazy and I love the chicken match idea and actually though of adding another one this fall to make them a threesome. Haven't convinced everyone about this yet, lol
Well that's me.
Hello, Lori, and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
Consider making them a foursome as it is difficult to introduce a lone bird to a bonded pair.
I also took in some very underweight birds. They gained weight beautifully with just a quality complete ration, as much as they could eat.
Congratulations on your new chickens! They will be serious competition to sewing for the most relaxing hobby.
Welcome to BYC! Sounds like you’re starting a fun adventure with new chickens. Adding 2 or 3 more will be easier than 1. You may want to consider starting with chicks, usually they will be much more sociable with you. Or look for Young chickens that have been hand raised, makes a big difference in how well you will be able to enjoy them.

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