Love my new trap!


8 Years
Aug 12, 2011
West Virginia
I just bought the duke dog proof raccoon trap. It's for raccooons that you plan on "permanently" relocating from your property. I have neighbors who coon hunt but don't kill the animals. They feed the vermin all the time to keep them close so that they can trap them in the standard live traps and release them to train their dogs. This creates a problem for us who try to own chickens. I have lost two laying hens who were in the mood to sit on eggs the darn things waited until each was half way through and decided to dine on them I think I have solved the problem of how they got in ( I haven't lost any more). But the raccoons are trap shy. I found this trap online and thought I would give it a shot. I caught a coon on the first night! I was tickled pink. I just had to tell someone about it. If you are having problems catching those masked rats. This could be the solution. It is not for releasing the animal it's for catching them long enough to kill them. My mother jokingly called me a murderer but for goodness sakes those things murdered my chickens. I have invested too much time and money not to mention love on my feathered babies to let the neighbors enable the critters to stay around. Here is a pick for those of you who don't know about this trap. And is interested in it. I also used Kaatz bros. lures hickory creek raccoon food lure on a cotton ball at the back of the trap. I also advise you to purchase the setting tool it makes the job of setting the trap/snare a breeze.


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