Love sick hen?

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    Apr 3, 2013
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    This afternoon I found my head rooster huddled inside the coop with a horrible head gash and swollen eyes. He and my youngest roo have been fighting for top dog for the past couple days so I removed the injuries roo, cleaned and cared for him, and then made time to take him to the vet if his eyes didn't stop swelling. However, about midnight tonight I heard a chicken screaming so I ran outside to find my sweetest hen outside her coop on her perch crying! I brought her inside and checked on everyone else and everyone is fine. She has no injuries and is eating just fine. What the heck is up with my crazy flock? Is it really possible my hen just missed her fella? Should I be concerned about some sort of possible threat to my flock?

  2. Eish, difficult to say, there is a probability that she misses him, but I would rather say that something disturbs her beauty sleep, that's my opinion,

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